Paragliding Bassano del Grappa


        Paragliding in Bassano del Grappa for your Paragliding in Italy

Bassano del Grappa: history

Bassano del Grappa is one of oldest and most well-known sites in Italy. Pilots from all Europe come to paragliding here. The flight conditions are quite reliable, when compared to sites further north and closer to the Alps. Also, Bassano is thermally active early in the year and attracts pilots from the north that like to start the season here.

Landing Zones : Semonzo di Borso del Grappa (Italy)

There are two main landing zones, one for paragliding, one for hang gliding. The hang glider LZ is located near Semonzo di Borso del Grappa at N45°48.444' E011°47.089'. Coming from Romano d'Ezzelino and driving towards Borso del Grappa, turn right at Semonzo in into the Via Pere. There is a sign with a hang glider symbol. After 200m turn left into Via Caose, the landing field is to the right of this road after another 200m. It is large and there are no prominent obstructions. There are powerlines along the road to avoid. Oh, it is also family friendly with several picnic tables in the shadow of a row of trees to the side of the access road.


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